Scattered thoughts

Sunday, March 10, 2002

This is a continuation of my last post under "Feeling Restless"..
Actually, it's some verses which were left out earlier.. Just take this as Part 2 or maybe the B-Side of a single. *grin*

Just a thought of you
Causes an avalanche of emotions
To cave down in me
How can it be?
For you to have this hold on me?

My mind wanders aimlessly
Dazed by your missing presence
Amplified by this empty void
Sorely missing your very essence

Can't concentrate when you're not around
My withdrawal symptoms get more pronounced

Thoughts of you flood my mind
Once again leaving me in a bind
Memories of the times we shared
Be it the good, the ugly or the bad

I remember the first time we kissed
The seduction, the realization
How could I have missed?

It was all planned, wasn't it?
To get me wound up, bit by bit
Next thing I know is that
I've fallen for you real bad

I don't doubt the fact
That you've loved me once before
Now, I'm not so sure
If you still do anymore

I know I get jealous easily
It's a struggle, can't you see?
Fear grips exposing my insecurity
Causing a war to wage internally

Written by Karen SF Chong
All Rights Reserved